Rates and Services

Local Moving Rates

2 Movers, 2 Hours @ $275
2 Movers, 3 Hours @ $375

Additional time @ $85/hr

For local Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg moves, for we send 2 men at a rate of $85.00 per hourWe charge a 1 hour service fee which is $75.00. This gets us from our office to your current home and then to your final destination.  Your time starts when the men get to your home and includes all the loading.  The clock stops until we get to your new location and starts again for the unloading.  We round to the nearest 15 minutes in time. Your move is based strictly on the time + the 1 hour service fee in addition to any additional fees. Examples of additional fees include overly heavy furniture ( sleeper sofas, washers, etc.), distance and stairs fee. Please review our additional fees section to see if any of them might add to the cost of your move.

3 Movers @ $120/hr

We also provide 3 men at a rate of $120.00 per hour.  The service fee is still $75.00. With 3 men your job will be faster and the amount you pay will generally be the same or less than with 2 men.  For the safety and well-being of the men, we do require 3 men on all jobs that involve stairs or unusually heavy furniture.

Groupon Discount: $75 off basic moves

With a Groupon code, the service fee is basically removed. Does not apply to item pick-ups, only house/apartment/office moves.

You may pay by check or cash or credit card (3% convenience fee)

Example Moves

Please review our example moves to get an idea of your move will be billed. Please note that these examples do not include additional fees that may apply to your move.

1 Bedroom Condo/Apt/Assisted Living

  • 1 bedroom set (bed/dresser/nightstand(s)),Dining RoomSet, Living Room Set and approximately 20-30 packed boxes.ESTIMATE: 3.5 HOURS + TRAVEL/GAS FEE

2 Bedroom Condo/Apt/Assisted Living/Single Family Home

  • 2 bedroom sets (bed/dresser/nightstand(s), Dining Room Set,Living Room Set and approximately 40-50 packed boxes.ESTIMATE: 4 -5 HOURS + TRAVEL/GAS FEE

3 Bedroom Condo/Apt/Assisted Living/Single Family Home

  • 3 bedroom sets (bed/dresser/nightstand(s),Dining Room Set, Living Room Set, Family Room and approximately 70-85 packed boxes.ESTIMATE: 6-7 HOURS + SERVICE FEE

Packing jobs are done the day before the move and are charged at the same hourly rate. All packing materials are charged to the client at the cost of materials. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to pack the boxes yourself as this will save you a lot of money. It takes on average 3-5 hours to pack a house.


Commercial Moves

Commercial Moves are $120/hr plus a $75 Service fee. The difference with a Commercial move and residential move is that there is no extra Fee's that we charge. Most Commercial moves require moving Heavy filing cabinets, tables, and desks. As well as some other uncommon house hold items (such as dentists chairs, Dr's tables, machinery.) So instead of charging per each item we include it in the overall price. We also usually send 3 men for office jobs depending on size of the office. (Obviously a single one room office we would only send two guys.) 

Craigslist Delivery

$60.00 Flat Rate Craigslist Delivery for Pinellas County!

Shopping on Craigslist just got a little easier. With our flat-rate $60.00 Craigslist Delivery service, you won't have to pass up great deals that won't fit in your car. Not in Pinellas County? That's not a problem! Just give us a call at 727-755-1844 and we'll provide a quote. 

Truck Loading Service

$65 per hour and we charge up to the nearest 30 mins.

Did you rent your own truck and just need the labor of a few good movers to load it up for you? That is fine, WE CAN DO JUST THAT! There are some great options and money saving ways that come when you rent you own truck (sometimes). But there is still one daunting task that comes with it. The loading and unloading of the truck. No one likes to move to begin with. Not only is moving stressful it also involves the lifting of heavy boxes, awkward furniture and  oh course the muscle pain that comes later.

Don’t you worry because Tampa Local Movers has you covered! We can send two of our movers to your location to move everything in your rented moving truck to load it for you. If you have rented moving blankets our movers can go ahead and wrap up your furniture for you with shrink wrap at no additional cost.

We will bring the right tools for the job to make your move fast and simple. Our rate for this service is at a flat rate of $50 per hour and we charge up to the nearest 30 mins.

Additional Fees

Like most moving companies we have some fees that just do not apply to every move. Unlike some companies, we strive to be honest and upfront about all of our fees. Below you'll find fees associated with stairs, distance, hoisting, overly heavy furniture and other costs that you may incure when using Tampa Local Movers. Please review these services and fees to determine if they might affect your move. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call us at 727-755-1844. We're happy to help you determine your best move.

 Stairs Fee: $50.00 per floor

Our movers don’t mind working hard but its unfortunate that stairs and moving create their own hassles. Not to mention the wear and tear on our movers and there bodies. This fee goes straight to our movers not to the company. Stairs does not include the 3-4 stairs that lead to the front door of your house.

Distance Fee: starting at $50.00

Unless you have informed us we can not determine that you will be charged a distance fee. A lot of apartment complexes have long hallways or parking garages that  mandate this fee.  Storage units sometimes fall into this category as well.

50-100 ft. $45.00 fee
100-300 ft. $75.00 fee
300+ ft. $150.00 fee

Hoisting Fee: starting at $50.00

Sometimes an item may have to be hoisted inside or outside. If this happens the owner will be notified and told about their options.

1-2 Stories $50
3-5 Stories Flat Charge $100.00
6 Stories or more Flat Charge $200.00

Overly Heavy Furniture  $20.00 per piece

If you have a piece of furniture that is overly heavy such as a reclining or sleeper sofa, entertainment center, buffet, washer, etc.,  we  charge a $20 fee for each piece. Again, this goes straight to our movers – our company does not get this money.

Service (Travel)  Time fee

Flat fee $75 this applies to all Local Moves

Bed Assembly $10.00

We will take apart your bed in order to move it, but if you want us to put it together, we will  for an extra fee of $10.00.

Washer/Dryer Hookup  $10.00 each

If we need to disconnect your washer/dryer to move for you we do not charge.  But if you want our guys to hook them up at your new house we will for an additional fee of $10 each.

Pianos: starting at $250.00 

Although we do not specialize in piano moves we are capable of doing them and have the proper equipment to do so.  We do not do stairs with pianos at this time sorry.
Piano’s prices are:

Baby Grand Piano $250.00
Grand Piano $350.00
Upright piano $150.00

Pool Tables  starting at $100.00

We are able to move some pool tables, but not all. This is a case by case basis and prices start at $100.00

Parking Fees

If we have to pay a meter or other parking fees such as fines or tickets for your move you, the customer will be billed for these fees or fines.


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