Local Movers

Tampa Local Movers Rates

For local Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg moves, for we send 2 men at a rate of $85.00 per hour. We also charge a 1 hour service fee which is $75.00.  This gets us from our office to your current home and then to your final destination.  Your time starts when the men get to your home and includes all the loading.  The clock stops until we get to your new location and starts again for the unloading.  We round to the nearest 15 minutes in time.  Your move is based strictly on the time + the 1 hour service fee plus the miscellaneous fees.

We also provide 3 men at a rate of $120.00 per hour.  The service fee is still $75.00. With 3 men your job will be faster and the amount you pay will generally be the same or less than with 2 men.  For the safety and well-being of the men, we do require 3 men on all jobs that involve stairs or unusually heavy furniture.

You may pay by check or cash or credit card (3% convenience fee) .

For example, if your local movers takes 3 hours from the time the men arrive at your home until they finish at the new location, you will be charged 3 hours at $85.00 plus the 1 hour Travel/Gas fee ($75.00) for a total of $330.00.

Ballpark Estimates  (all example estimates are based on 1st floor to 1st floor )


1 Bedroom Condo/Apt/Assisted Living

  • 1 bedroom set (bed/dresser/nightstand(s)),Dining RoomSet, Living Room Set and approximately 20-30 packed boxes.ESTIMATE:3.5 HOURS + TRAVEL/GAS FEE2 Bedroom Condo/Apt/Assisted Living/SFH
  • 2 bedroom sets (bed/dresser/nightstand(s), Dining Room Set,Living Room Set and approximately 40-50 packed boxes.ESTIMATE:4 -5 HOURS + TRAVEL/GAS FEE3 Bedroom Condo/Apt/Assisted Living/SFH
  • 3 bedroom sets (bed/dresser/nightstand(s),Dining Room Set, Living Room Set, Family Room and approximately 70-85 packed boxes.ESTIMATE:6-7 HOURS + SERVICE FEE

Packing jobs are done the day before the move and are charged at the same hourly rate. All packing materials are charged to the client at the cost of materials. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to pack the boxes yourself as this will save you a lot of money. It takes on average 3-5 hours to pack a house.

 Please review Our Rates and Services for a full list of services and charges.