Craigslist Pickups

$70.00 Flat Rate Pinellas County

We all know that Craigslist is an awesome source to save hundreds of dollars and get nice things. Unfortunately not everyone has a truck nor the muscle to be able to load and unload your new craigslist purchase. Not everyone has the proper equipment for securing item's to a truck. That is okay! This is what Tampa Local Movers is here for. In fact picking up and shipping items bought on craigslist is what made us! That's right we started our company by doing this very task at hand. We have done hundreds of craigslist moves and have turned this into a very easy process for both the seller and purchaser.

We have a few options that you can do. You can call us and schedule a pick up (sometimes we are able to do same day pick ups). Usually when we are able to come straight there you the buyer is there as well.

But you don't have to be. We have plenty of customers that purchase the product ahead of time and we will arrange with the seller and you the purchaser to pick up the item and deliver it to you. This way you are not having to worry about wasting any more of your time.

With our flatbed truck we can pretty much fit a whole bedroom onto it and haul everything in one trip! this is something you would not be able to do with a uhaul or home depot truck rental.

Our rates for Pinellas County is just $70 FLAT RATE!

have a pick up or a move outside of pinellas county? Just contact us and we will give you a quote!

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Did you buy something awesome on Craigslist? Call us at 727-755-1844 to set up a delivery time.